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It shouldn’t be a surprise when you hear that AI is changing SEO in 2017. Google is more like a human than ever before, so we are going to look into what that means and what to expect when preparing your SEO strategy for 2017.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Effect SEO

Search Engines are better at understanding what someone means when asking a question and what the company means when they create the content. People that are now creative will have to start thinking about what writers have been dealing with when it comes to SEO. What does this mean? Google is getting smarter about knowing what is in an image without an ALT tag and what your intent was for that image without a description. This can be great for organic SEO without a lot of work, but also horrible for those that are pushing out mediocre content that provides no value to the consumer.

As we see AI and deep learning take over the world of searches, and voice searches from various devices SEO must accommodate by being more specific with content with intent. That means we must tie our keyword research right when it comes to the content that we are building especially on social media.

All in all, AI will have such a huge impact because Google is now looking at intent. If you are running a high authority website but it is clear that your site didn’t provide their answer (aka they leave your website and research or visit another site for their answer) your ranking will plummet.

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